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Midsummer Webtile.jpg

March, 2022

Adapted by Scott Middleton and Directed by Mandy Ellison this Commedia dell'Arte adaptation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream is set in the cut throat corporate world of the 1980's exploring love, identity, sexuality and coming of age in a hilarious physical comedy style that will leave you uplifted and liberated!

This production was selected as part of the VCAA playlist supporting VCE Drama students in their studies.

"The odd pairing of Shakespeare and the 1980s is only made more strange by the fact it is set in a gymnasium, yet somehow beyond all reason, the utter absurdity of the concept works perfectly. And with the addition of Commedia dell’Arte, the entire production never misses a beat."        


"Midsummer is so very much fun and is the perfect example of how brilliant independent theatre can be. It’s Shakespeare without pretence, classism, or anything that might make you steer clear of the bard’s work. It is joyful, silly, and exactly what we need, entertainment at its highest (and lowest) level."                         


 - Australian Stage

Two Gents

March, 2021


A Commedia dell'Arte adaptation of Shakespeare's The Two Gentlemen of Verona, set in the 1920's Hollywood world of starlets and film studios this tale shines a spotlight on love, friendship and equality that will leave you wanting more.  


Presented in beautiful outdoor theatres in Fairfield and Bendigo, also selected as part of the VCAA Playlist 2021.

"Taking on strong elements of Commedia dell’Arte, the physical comedy of Two Gents is brilliant."

"There is something truly magical about watching a piece of art seem to work effortlessly."

"Perfectly executed comedy...Two Gents is a glorious night out."


-Australian Stage

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